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A motivated staff ensures good customer service critical for business growth – Lola Hair CEO

A motivated staff ensures good customer service critical for business growth – Lola Hair CEO

The Chief Executive Officer of Hair & Beauty by Lola, one of Accra’s most sought-after hair and beauty salon, has advised businesses to place a lot more emphasis on keeping their staff motivated to ensure business growth.

Mrs Latifa Adekanla, who was a guest on Joy FM’s all-female show, Strong & Sassy, hosted by Animwaa Anim-Addo, said a highly motivated staff play a crucial role in ensuring quality customer service which is at the heart of every business’s success.

“Another important strategy in business is to make sure you keep satisfying your employees to keep them loyal to you, not only your clients. I think that’s the best strategy so far; keeping your employees highly motivated to the point that they want to go all out for your brand, and that’s what has helped Lola.”

We’re like a big family. In fact, at Lola, we have lunch every day and it’s free. And sometimes we all eat together, they see me as their big sister and they come to me. You know I am a pastor also, so when they have issues, they come to me and we talk. So, when they want to even leave it’s so difficult for them. This week, you’ll be amazed that some were off duty, but they sneaked in to come and have lunch.”

A motivated staff ensures good customer service critical for business growth – Lola Hair CEO

Speaking on the topic, “Planning and Strategizing Businesses in 2024”, Mrs Adekanla said she relates very well with her staff and takes their well-being seriously, something that employers need to inculcate to ensure business growth.

She said creating a safe and friendly working environment does not necessarily encourage indiscipline among employees.

“For me, for the past six years, because of how I treat my workers they hardly misbehave. If a client reports any of them and you call them…even last week, there was one incident and the guy knelt down begging, so they won’t even let you stress so much. Once in a while, you see one or two misbehaving, but once you call and speak to them it’s so easy. And even when they want to do something bad behind the scene they feel so guilty because they see that you don’t treat them bad and you’re good to them.

She said for the year 2024 and beyond, the beauty brand has re-positioned itself to ensure full customer satisfaction at all times.

“For every business at the end of every year, you think about your wins and losses and plan to do better in the coming year. 2023 was a year where we grew from a very small business to let me say, a big one. And we were ready for it, but we received some surprises as far as customer care is concerned.”

So, this year we plan to train our staff more to be able to take care of our customers and their needs. We realize that the beauty industry keeps changing, and there are new trends every day, so as a beauty brand, we need to study the new trends and make sure our workers and stylists are abreast with these new trends so that we can satisfy our customers” she reiterated.

She said the company will also embark on more outdoor advertising as part of its business growth strategy for the New Year.
We are still popular on social media, so this year we plan to do outdoor advertisements more. So, if you notice there are Lola billboards all over the town in the early part of this year” she noted.

Mrs Adekanla, who’s also a pastor at a branch of the Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry (CEM) in Accra, also said that as a business, one of the things that has sustained her business is prayer, something she does constantly for the business and involves her workers.

The Lola Hair & Beauty College also runs a training programme that equips children with various skills during the vacation period.

Located at West Legon next to Babynest School and close to Medife in Accra, Hair and Beauty by Lola, experts in Locs is a holistic salon whose services go beyond Locs, natural hair care and treatment, and braids.

The award-winning salon also deals in wigs, and loc extensions, and offers spa services and other salon services comprising wigs, weavon, makeup, spa services and others.

Afia Twumwaa Baffour, a Business Growth and Personal Branding Coach and a business owner, said it was important for businesses to take every aspect of their brand seriously and work towards improving their outlook.

She also advised businesses that while it is okay to have new goals in a new year, they must not lose out on the real needs of their business by following the crowd in an unplanned manner.

Edzordzinam Agrosah, Founder and Creative Director at Bloom By Edzi, a contemporary women’s clothing brand in Accra, who was also a guest on the show, also said she has built a personal relationship with her staff and sensitized them adequately on quality customer service to the point that she has never on any occasion experienced an employee acting rudely towards a client.

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