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Angry Ashaiman residents ‘ban political campaigns’ over deplorable roads

Angry Ashaiman residents 'ban political campaigns' over deplorable roads

Aggrieved residents of Ashaiman near Tema in the Greater Accra region are cautioning politicians against campaigning for votes in the municipality, attributing their stance to what they say is eight years of neglected road infrastructure.

Despite residents’ pleas and numerous demonstrations to draw attention to the poor state of their roads, no improvements have come.

The angry residents issued the warning during a road rehabilitation initiative led by the MP for the area, Ernest Norgbey on January 25, 2024.

Residents explicitly warned politicians to refrain from political campaigns until the roads are fully rehabilitated.

Francis Azorliade, a resident, asserted that, “If they neglect Ashaiman’s roads, no political party should dare to campaign here. We are prepared to sacrifice for our people.”

Angry Ashaiman residents 'ban political campaigns' over deplorable roads

He added, “Our message goes out to the NPP, NDC, PPP, and all political parties: Address the roads in Ashaiman, or refrain from campaigning here, period!”

A 38-year-old mother of three and a petty trader along the VALCO Flats to Lebanon road highlighted daily struggles with dust due to the deplorable state of the road. She lamented, “They only pay attention during elections; hence, we’ve decided not to vote.”

The high levels of air pollution, discomfort faced by the motoring public, and hours of gridlocks endured by Ashaiman residents prompted MP Ernest Norgbey to initiate the reshaping of four kilometres of the most deplorable portions of the over 160 KM road network in the municipality.

During the road reshaping, MP Norgbey said, “I have received numerous complaints about the deplorable state of the roads. I feel their pain, having used these roads myself. Despite demonstrations and raising the issues in Parliament, the assembly and government remain unresponsive.”

Angry Ashaiman residents 'ban political campaigns' over deplorable roads
Ashaiman MP Ernest Norgbey

“I cannot sit idly while my people suffer, so I have decided on a temporary reshaping of four or five kilometers of the road. I hope and pray that when the NDC government assumes power, the 166 km of roads in the municipality will be tarred,” assured Ernest Norgbey.

Responding to residents’ concerns about the ban on politicians campaigning in Ashaiman due to the deplorable state of roads, Norgbey believes the NDC should be an exception.

He urged residents to direct their anger toward the sitting government, emphasising the denial of Ashaiman’s share of the national cake. Norgbey encouraged residents to listen to him and John Dramani Mahama, promising action if the roads remain neglected.

Residents have pledged to disrupt any electoral process if the state of roads does not improve before the general elections later this year.

Source: Ghana News

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