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Bisa KDei opens up on rumours he uses ‘juju’ for music

Celebrated musician, Bisa KDei, has finally opened up on rumours allegedly put out by some of his close friends that he used black magic to become a hit in the industry.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Adom TV’s Sister Sandy, the ‘Asew’ hitmaker disclosed he is very aware of the accusations but had no interest in reacting to them.

According to him, spending time on such issues are not on his priority list – his music is.

Bisa Kdei, however, debunked the rumours, insisting that he rose into the limelight and earned his accolades through hard work and his “hustle”.

Speaking on why his once close associates would cook up such a story, he said that the rumours were just a ploy to pull him back despite his progress in the industry.

This, he explained, was because of a minor fallout. The ‘Mansa’ crooner disclosed that such naysayers are persons who came to him for help.

But, these people were not patient enough to wait so he could help them also make it in the industry.

“It is not exactly greed or envy; it is just life; it’s bound to happen. You need these kinds of things to succeed in life. If you don’t get those types of people, you will never succeed [You need this experience]”.

Source: Ghana News

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