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Covid-19 affected teachers psychologically – IFEST study

A research by the Institute for Education Studies (IFEST) has shown that most teachers were psychologically affected by the advent of Covid-19.

Some 75.7% of the respondents mentioned that Covid-19 has had a severe psychological effect on them.

According to the teachers, they were also financially, emotionally and socially affected by the pandemic.

The study revealed that the Ghanaian teacher has experienced different levels of stress and anxiety while teaching amid the pandemic.

Other respondents (35.2%) said they have experienced severe levels of stress teaching during the pandemic while 25.6% stated that their levels of anxiety have increased.

Teachers at the primary level indicated that they had high levels of stress as compared to those at Junior High and Senior High Schools.

The report further showed that students have experienced varying levels of learning loss following the long stay at home.

Schools in Ghana were closed in March 2020 due to the upsurge in cases of Covid-19.

This study which was conducted between March 10, and May 11 puts the spotlight on the Ghanaian teacher and assesses the perceived effect of Covid-19 on his/her professional life.

Collecting data using both paper and online questionnaires, responses from 4480 teachers in both public and private basic and secondary schools across 10 regions and 80 districts in Ghana were analysed and presented in this report.

Also, 57.1% mentioned that they have not received any form of psychosocial support during this period with 35.8% indicating that they have received some form of psychosocial support.

The Institute for Education Studies per this report wants the Ministry of Education (MoE) and Ghana Education Service (GES) to strengthen employee welfare and support systems and modernise them to meet the challenging needs of the teacher in these times.

IFEST also wants Teacher unions to show an interest in providing psychosocial support to their members.

Source: Ghana News

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