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Cut government expenditure then we can burden share – Mona Quartey

A former Deputy Minister of Finance, Mona Quartey has advised the government to cut down on expenditure before asking the citizens to burden share.

This, she said would send the right signals to the Ghanaians. 

“Cut government expenditure starting from Jubilee House all the way down to the ministries all the way down to political appointees.

“Rationalize and keep only those you need, then come down to bare basics then you are signaling correctly and then you can ask for burden sharing,” she said.

Speaking on JoyNews’ The Pulse on Wednesday, Madam Quartey said the government is sending the wrong signals by requesting citizens to burden share when they had not made efforts to cut down expenses.

“What signals does government send when they say we should burden share, we don’t see a cut in government expenditure, I mean everyone has been talking about it, finance and non-finance people,” she added.

She explained that Ghanaian were ready to contribute their quota to help Ghana stand on its feet, but the approach government has adopted is unfair.

“I am sure every Ghanaian wants Ghana to get back on its feet but that can only be done if the right signals are sent to us, not when you are taxing us some more without any growth, not when you are hiking our cost of leaving and then now you are asking us to burden share that is unfair,” she added.

Ms Mona Quartey added that “at this point, we have totally destroyed the culture of savings.”

Source: Ghana News

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