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Da’ Hammer: Omar Sterling’s ‘Same Earth, Different Worlds’ can only be described as a document labeled ‘classified’

I just got back from a beautiful adventure that I embarked on yesterday and I’m almost tearing up from the emotion. ‘Same Earth, Different Worlds’ is the most important album this year, in my opinion.

It’s full of pain, persistence, reflection and victory. Omar dared to be different on this one, delivering positive mature content. Absolutely no gimmicks.

This album should definitely earn Omar the alias, Paedae the Creator. If you’re looking for “follow the crowd” trending and phony music, this is not your album. This album changes everything. ‘S.E.D.W’ can only be described as a document labeled “classified.”

My advice is for our young artists to quit abusing trending drills and rhythms, put on their “Rembrandt” hat and show us some art. Dare to be different.

The following is my take, favorite songs and recommendations for a playlist for this album:

“A Mountain Full of Gold” gives you unlimited access to Omar’s mind, with which it’s quite easy to relate. It’s full of lessons learned over the years and a bittersweet appreciation of life itself. The tenderness of the piano supporting the “poetry-format” delivery is what got to me. I seriously recommend it as the album opener and the real intro to the album if you sit down to listen.

“C1 Boys (Community 1 Boys)” is literally a marauding melody festival with a sophisticated Rodney Jenkins-type drum pattern to aid a very emotional reflection of his growing-up.

“Young, Wild and Free” is my favorite on the project and frankly one of the biggest songs on the album in terms of production, in my opinion. This is a top-tier composition with a beautiful rap-to-chorus transition that is nothing short of soothing. I listened to this one the most times, I think.

“Treading On Thin Ice” is definitely a must-hear. He gives an anecdote about a big boy and invokes subliminal messages with metaphors about Patek Philippe watches and more… it has a lot of hidden messages, making it interesting to dissect. The laid-back delivery gives the melody priority which allows the message to sink in effortlessly. Production also compliments the song with an intriguing Tom Clancy-esque espionage feel to it.

“I’m Back” is the unapologetic Paedae with bars on autopilot delivery, just speaking his mind with satisfactory complexity. The beautiful Tango guitar in the instrumental keeps the bars well-contained.

“Kokonsa” has a special place in my heart because the production sounds like something I would do and that gives me a rather biased perspective of the song. Regardless, it’s definitely one of the biggest songs in GH this year.

“Solid As A Rock” depicts a revolutionary movement. I recommend it for driving on the motorway. Adrenaline is sure to take over.

“Put On” is a beautiful ensemble of several of our local instruments in a Petri dish of Hip Hop and traditional rhythms. It comes with a jerky bounce almost suspending like it’s free of kicks, and then surprises you eventually with one very significant kick.

These are my favorites so far but I’m certain the rest will grow on me eventually. Well done Paedae, you just fed us a classic.

Source: Ghana News

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