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Funny Face’s baby mama opens up on their current relationship

Funny Face’s baby mama opens up on their current relationship

The mother of Funny Face’s children, Vanessa Nicole, has shed light on the current state of her relationship with the popular comedian.

Despite no longer being together, she said that they maintain an amicable co-parenting arrangement for the sake of their kids.

When asked about the involvement of their children’s father, she responded, “We are cool.” When pressed by the interviewer, Vanessa still chose not to delve into Funny Face’s private life.

Rather, she said her focus is on providing for her children and building a stable future, and that can only be with the help of Funny Face.

“When two parents are cool, then the children are cool,” she noted, as she spoke on the significance of maintaining a harmonious relationship for the well-being of their kids.

Regarding their triplets, she shared that they are doing well and will soon celebrate their fifth birthday in May.

This comes at the back of an outburst when Funny Face revealed he has not seen his triplets in the last four years and he has yet to meet his last child, Kimberly, since she was born.

He revealed that he is facing financial challenges that have limited him from performing his role as a doting father.

Source: Ghana News

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