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Ghana to host first International Gem & Jewelry Expo in West Africa

Most Ghanaians do not wear real gold jewellery yet Ghana is the largest producer of Gold in Africa. Again, many of the large diamond deposits in the world are found in Africa yet Africans know next to nothing about Gem Diamonds.

Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires are all found in Africa yet almost all the educated women and social climbers cannot identify these stones let alone appreciate their value.

It is therefore in this regard that Jewelers Council of Trade, JCT and other top jewellery manufacturers in Ghana are collaborating with International jewellery distributors and marketers to organize this first-ever Gem and Jewelry Expo in West Africa to be hosted in Ghana, with the primary objective to raise public awareness about Gem & jewellery.

The two – day, Gem & Jewelry Expo ever to be organized in West Africa and hosted in Ghana is the first of its kind and has been scheduled for December 2021 at the Kempiski Gold Coast Hotel in Accra.

The Fair is expected to attract hundreds of gifted, designers, gem traders, jewellery manufacturing and tool suppliers across the region as well as jewel and luxury enthusiasts.

According to the organizers, the purpose of putting this international jewellery and gem expo together is to educate the African to add value to the raw gold, letting Africans know what they are missing in the Jewelry industry.

This maiden jewellery expo will contribute to the development and growth of the industry in Ghana by bringing the important companies and brands of the sector with the buyers, and this will provide the most suitable platform in terms of new business opportunities and information sharing.

Companies and brands like Precious Minerals and Marketing Company Limited, PMMC will be exhibiting various products from diamonds to precious and semi-precious stones. The companies will display their collection for new season for the first time, exclusive to the exhibition.

“The international companies want to market African products but we are unable to produce to meet international standards and most of our products are of inferior quality so we are here to educate and show them how to do it right so that these companies will buy from us”, organizers say.

Standards in modern day manufacturing of jewels in all aspects particularly in Africa have not seen the superior quality that will be attractive to the international market and this     Fair has the propensity to address these challenges.

Another objective the organizers would want to achieve is to support government’s initiative of job creation particularly for the unemployed youth, in the area of training jewelers using modern technology to manufacture jewelry for the local and international market.

It is also expected that the First Lady of the Republic of Ghana, Mrs Rebecca Akuffo Addo will open this maiden jewelry and gem expo in West Africa which will be attended very highly profiled personalities in the country.

Source: Ghana News

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