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Ghana’s laws do not reflect reality – UG Law student

A University of Ghana Law student, Maame Serwaa Tuffuor, has said the country’s laws do not reflect what the reality on the ground is.

She explained that what they are taught with regards to theories mostly defers from what she sees in reality.

Sharing her views on the topic ‘Is the law is an ass?’ on JoyNews’ legal show, The Law, she noted that the country’s constitution projects the rights and freedoms of the citizenry, but few of them are seen in practice.

“When it comes to a lot of statuses in our constitution, we have very flowery sentences in there that is supposed to register the kind of freedom we have, the kind of rights every citizen is entitled to.”

However, she observed, “when it plays out in reality, this is far from it. It’s far from what we see, it’s far from what it’s supposed to be, it’s far from letter of the various statuses that we have in this country.”

In 2019, the police dispersed some law students who protested against the mass failure recorded that year using rubber bullets and spraying hot water from cannons.

Citing the incident, Maame Serwaa Tuffour said, “clearly, the law students went to protest, and in our constitution, Chapter 5 guarantees us the right to assemble.

“The law students went through all the procedures to guarantee that they could do that, but they got there, and we all know what happened,” she noted.

She stressed that “there are so many instances that the freedoms and rights that we have been guaranteed as citizens are not playing out as they are supposed to.”

“So there is a huge difference between what I am studying now and what I am seeing around me,” she told host Samson Lardy Anyenini.

Source: Ghana News

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