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Global alert issued for officer accused of Gambia coup bid

The International Police Agency, Interpol, has issued a “red notice” for foreign nations to arrest a military officer accused of plotting to overthrow the government in The Gambia last month, local officials have said.

The “red notice” for the low-ranking Gambian officer, Lamin Jadama, means that eight officers have now been identified as suspects in the alleged coup plot.

Gambian officials say he is a fugitive from justice and any person caught aiding or colluding with him, will be dealt with according to law.

Seven of the accused – including the alleged ringleader, Lance Corporal Sana Fadera – have been arrested.

They appeared in the High Court in the capital, Banjul, on charges of treason and conspiracy to commit felony.

Two civilians and a police officer were also in court on charges of treason and concealment of treason.

The accused were expected to file a plea, but this did not happen.

Instead, the case was postponed as the state did not file its indictment and two of the accused soldiers did not have legal representation

Justice Basiru Mahoney ordered the state to file the indictment by 23 January. He also ordered the two unrepresented soldiers to get lawyers or for the state to provide them with legal aid.

Source: Ghana News

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