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I want you to compare me with John Mahama – Bawumia to Ghanaians

Mahama and Bawumia

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia is urging Ghanaians to compare him with the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama, in choices in the 2024 general elections.

Dr Bawumia believes that such a comparison will help voters decide who has better ideas for developing the country.

During his tour of the north on Monday, November 20, Dr Bawumia emphasised his competence and temperament for developing Ghana, contrasting it with what he perceives as a lack of innovative thinking in Mahama’s track record.

He highlighted various initiatives, such as the Ghana card, mobile money interoperability, digital property address system, and Zipline drones for medical deliveries, as examples of solutions he has championed during his tenure as Vice President.

“I want you to compare me and John Mahama. Who has the idea to transform Ghana? The track record of John Mahama doesn’t show innovative thinking.”

“I have not yet become President but I as a Vice President, I have brought solutions to many of our problems,” he said.

“We did not have a unique identity so I championed the government’s policy for the Ghanacard. Today we have 17 million people issued with the Ghanacard. Today, because of my proposal, we have no guarantor for a student loan if you have a Ghana card. Today Ghana has a digital property address system because we had a problem of no functional address.”

Dr Bawumia also criticised Mahama’s proposed 24-hour economy policy, stating that it lacks a proper understanding of the economic dynamics.

He argued that a 24-hour economy cannot be legislated by the government, emphasizing that many businesses already operate around the clock due to market demand and digitalization.

In urging voters not to make a mistake to vote for Mahama, Dr Bawumia emphasised the need for innovative thinking and a track record of effective solutions for the country’s development.

“I hear John Mahama has a new idea and he wants to run a 24-hour economy. I say where did he get this idea from? It is not a bright idea! A 24-hour economy cannot be legislated by the government,” Dr Bawumia said.

“Today, there are many businesses that are already working for 24 hours. Hospitals are open for 24 hours. You can buy electricity for 24 hours. Because of digitalisation, you can transfer money for 24 hours. There are many chop bars and restaurants that are open for 24 hours.”

Source: Ghana News

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