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Love not the prerequisite for successful marriage – Relationship Advisor

Leadership and relationship advisor Cheetam Bartels has revealed the major ingredient for a successful marriage.

The majority of people believe that love is the major requirement for achieving a successful marriage.

But, speaking on Prime Morning on Thursday, the relationship expert explained that applying knowledge in every relationship is the main approach to achieve a successful marriage.

According to him, most failed marriages have been built on the basis of love alone rather than knowledge.

“You can’t build any successful relationship without having knowledge. Research has shown that 70% of relationships don’t work, and 20% are lifeless. It’s only 10% that works. How will you become part of the 10%?” he asked.

Mr. Bartels further went on to indicate that “There are things you need to do to ensure that you’re part of the 10% and love is not the prerequisite for successful marriage. You can’t build your relationship on love. It will crush.”

He also stipulated that career prioritization also helps in building successful marriages, admitting that it enables one to acquire more knowledge about love.

He is of the opinion that dedicating adequate and equal time to both relationships and careers helps to build a successful marriage.

Using the saying “Your business can wait for your marriage to grow, but your marriage cannot wait for your business to grow,” he stated that marriage cannot be built on riches alone as couples hardly spend time together.

Speaking about commitment in casual relationships, he explained that it requires cordial agreement between the parties involved.

“The two of you have to come together and discuss it because what you feel for me might be different from what I feel for you.”

In Ghana, most people believe that tribe is a barrier to building successful relationships.

Mr. Bartels, on the other hand, believes that partners must learn the differences in relationships rather than blaming their failed unions on the tribe.

He urged that “you have to be the right person rather than marrying the right person.”

The relationship expert encouraged partners to attend marriage seminars and acquire knowledge to be able to polish their relationships.

Source: Ghana News

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