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Mahama pledges to use profit from gold mining for development in Adansi

Mahama pledges to use profit from gold mining for development in Adansi

Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) John Mahama has pledged to ensure that proceeds from gold mining in the Adansi area are used for local development.

Mahama noted that gold mining generates significant revenue but the people of Adansi have not seen any improvement in their living conditions.

Speaking at the Building Ghana tour, he mentioned that Johannesburg has a lot of gold and there has been a lot of development, unlike the Adansi community.

“So we will agree so that any profit that is made out of the gold will be used to develop the community so that others will see what is happening here.”

Mahama also spoke about the Obuasi mine.

 He pointed out that his NDC administration played a key role in the redevelopment of the Obuasi mine.

“When I was president in 2014, we saw that Ashanti Gold was not producing enough gold like before and other mining companies were even producing more.

“So they came to me with an amendment program of mining operations and asked for a new place to mine for more gold with the approval of government.

“I agreed to this and when I left office, they were 60% done. So we started it and that is what the current government came to continue. So it’s because of the work we did, that’s why Anglo gold is successful,” he said.

In addition, Mahama stressed the importance of peace during the upcoming elections, saying that, the NDC is committed to ensuring that the democratic process is conducted fairly and peacefully.

Mahama made it clear that the NDC will not engage in any violence during the upcoming elections.

“Let us all promise to follow the law to avoid any violence. If there is no violence, I believe the NDC will win the elections. I thank you all for receiving us warmly here.”

Source: Ghana News

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