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Nigerian Islamic police in manhunt for TikTokers

Nigerian Islamic police in manhunt for TikTokers

The Islamic police in Nigeria’s northern state of Kano have launched a manhunt for six popular TikTokers, with the force saying they post “indecent and un-Islamic” content on the social media app.

The head of the Kano State Hisbah Corps told the BBC that the TikTok users, who have millions of followers between them, had failed to comply with previous orders to tone down their content.

The social media stars are under fire over behaviour deemed indecent by some Muslims.

For example, one sells aphrodisiacs (substances that increase sexual libido), another dances in a way some have labelled provocative and one male creator is deemed to talk and act in an effeminate way.

Aminu Daurawa said he had a meeting with the creators last September and that they had agreed to abide by Islamic guidelines in their videos.

Mr Daurawa said was upset by what he deemed to be indecent language used in the videos.

Kano has a majority Muslim population and an Islamic legal system operates alongside secular law in the state.

“If we get them we won’t be charging them in court just yet, but will make them sign agreements to uphold Islamic values.”

He explained that if the popular content creators had to be called in for a third time, the Hisbah would take them to court.

For now, the force is trying to track down them down.

“We don’t know where they are at the moment and we are looking for information on where to find them,” Mr Daurawa said.

Kano is one of 12 states in northern Nigeria that practise Islamic law. The legal system applies only to Muslims living in those states.

Source: Ghana News

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