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Oba Music releases ‘Loved & Blessed’ EP

Ghana-based Nigerian singer Oba Music is on a journey to captivate music fans with the release of his latest EP ‘Loved & Blessed’.

The Afrobeats-themed EP was released on Friday, August 25, 2023, under 4Life Records, a label he is also a founder of.

‘Loved & Blessed’ is a follow up to Oba’s single ‘On My Mind’ released earlier this year. The EP is a collection of some of the artiste’s hidden catalogue, carefully selected for the listening pleasure of Afrobeats lovers. One of the most-talked about records off the album is ‘No Size’ which is influenced by Amapiano sound.

Asked what the inspiration behind the EP is, Oba Music revealed, “I am a young African giving my best in my selected fields. I feel loved and blessed with the successes I have chalked over the years, which is why I decided to share the joy from the deepest parts of my heart with the world through music”.

“I love music, I have always been a fan of good music, with inspirations from the great Fela Kuti. So even though I run a real estate and auto dealership company in Ghana, I’m also focused on churning great sounds that represent sounds from Africa”, he added.

Apart from singing, Oba Music, born Charles Chibuike Ejiobi, is record producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist, the latter which he practices through his Teczo foundation that focuses on supporting widows and disadvantaged children.

‘Loved and Blessed’ EP is out on all streaming platforms.

Source: Ghana News

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