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Our aggressive marketing taking shape; we’re positioning our brand to become market leader – Allianz Life

Allianz Life Insurance believes its strong brand positioning strategy will propel it to become a market leader in the life insurance space in the immediate future.

“We are very confident in making inroads in our market. If you observe we’ve done some very good work with our business and this is same with our growth over the period. If you look at the league of insurance companies, in 2018 our market position was 20th, in 2019 we moved to the 16th position and then in 2020 we were in the 9th position.  Per quarter one records, we are keeping this position and we intend to improve and even get better as we work assiduously”, Jane Kitome, Chief Retail and Marketing Officer told Joy Business.

She said Allianz Life Ghana was leveraging strongly on its group company – Allianz Group to become the market leader imminently, adding, it has the financial muscle, experience, technical and tactical wherewithal to deliver in the not too distant future.

“Our aggressive marketing is taking shape as we started this year. As you are well aware, Allianz Life Ghana is part of the Allianz Group – a global financial services provider, predominately operating in insurance and assets management and we are in over 70 countries across the world. The Ghanaian market has come to understand our strength and our financial muscle as far as this business we are in is concerned. We know that with the backing of Allianz Group, we have what it takes to beat the competition in our market.”

Our aggressive marketing taking shape; we’re positioning our brand to become market leader - Allianz Life

She further explained that “we are leveraging very strongly on our solid brand, a very strong brand that has been in existence since 1890 across the globe and founded in Munich, Germany. Over 150 billion euros is our revenue and over 12 billion euros in operating profit.”

Allianz Life creates strong partnerships

Allianz Life Ghana has also created strong partnerships with various institutions in different sectors to grow its market share rapidly.

They include Ghana Post, Societe Generale and CFAO Motors.

Mrs. Kitome said “we are also working strongly with partnerships, we have partnerships with Ghana Post, Societe Generale, recently our bancassurance partnership, we have CFAO, we have Vision Fund and a host of others. So one area we are focusing one is partnerships. We want to be the top of the mind brand, top of mind insurer, so we partnered Multimedia so that people can hear of us and work with us”.

“And very importantly and not the least, we are investing so much in training our employees and equipping them with skills to make Allianz Life a happy place to work. Our strategy is also very fluid, adapting always and changing to the needs of our customers”, she stressed.

Our aggressive marketing taking shape; we’re positioning our brand to become market leader - Allianz Life

Allianz Life strategy hinges on 5 pillars

The life insurance firm’s strategy has been perfectly crafted and hinges on five pillars.

This is expected to make it flexible for Allianz Life to grow very quickly and take its rightful position in the league of life insurance companies.

“On the marketing and strategy for this year, we are leveraging and hinging on five pillars. We are looking at very seamless processes that will intend to help us give pleasurable experience to our customers. So if you noted very recently we launched the *1890# which is our USSD code which is to help our customers contact us as their own time, get their benefits; it’s very easy and seamless process that they can buy insurance on their phones by themselves, they can check their balances on their policies, they can initiate claims and all of that in the comfort of their homes and offices”, Mrs. Kitome explained.

Allianz Life develops relevant products for customers

Allianz Life Insurance has also developed very relevant products to meet the needs of customers, as well as its customer centric services.

“One other thing we decided this year is to develop very relevant products for our markets, so we are enhancing our products and very recently we launched Allianz farewell plus which has living benefits and very enhanced death benefits as well. We are giving cashback offers, we’re giving disability covers – partial and permanent – all in the quest to satisfy the needs of our customers and our prospects because if you buy life insurance you should get living benefits as well as death benefits”, the Chief Retail and Marketing  Officer said.

She further pointed out that all the offerings have been carefully thought through and designed in order to satisfy well researched needs of customers 

“We have tried to enhance our products and solutions and we would continue doing this as we raise the benefits and cover levels at very competitive premiums.”

Allianz Life started operations in Ghana in May 2018.

It offers a wide range of products for Retail, SME, Corporate customers, including Group Life, Credit Life, Keyman, Education, Term Life, Funeral and Savings products. It also offers microinsurance products for the underinsured segment of the population.

It was founded in Munich, Germany with over 150 billion euros in revenue.

Its vision is to be Ghana’s trusted brand, known to deliver real value to all stakeholders.

Source: Ghana News

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