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Period cups, tampons don’t break virginity – Medical Practitioner

Medical practitioner and founder of PharmD, Nana Efa Attafua, has said that period products, including cups and tampons, do not break virginity.

According to her, they do not penetrate deeply into the hymen to cause any breakage.

The practitioner revealed this while discussing the dos and don’ts of menstruation on Prime Morning.

“It doesn’t break. It goes in, and then it sits. It’s like a little funnel, so it goes in and just opens up to collect. It does not break your hymen… Using period products does not break your virginity. The tampons go in, but then they expand a little and soak it up,” she explained to Roselyn Felli on Thursday.

She however says comfort is dependent on the right insertion techniques of these products into the vagina.

Therefore, virgins who might be scared of using such products are urged to do so, as it does not preclude breaking their virginity.

Considering the recent hikes in the prices of sanitary pads, she recommended that using such products help reduce monthly period expenses in the long term, as one can be used for about three months.

Speaking about the dos and don’ts that will enable a hygienic menstrual cycle, the medical expert cautioned ladies to desist from the use of vaginal sprays, saying they cause infections as well as douching the vagina.

As to how to dispose of sanitary pads, she advised ladies to avoid flashing used sanitary pads in closets. She said “it blocks the septic and causes problems.”

Nana Attafua further outlined some consequences involving the irregular change of pads during menstruation. These include urogenital infections such as candidiasis, thrush, and UTIs.

Women groups have been appealing to the government to take off taxes on sanitary pads to make them affordable since menstruation is natural.

Source: Ghana News

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