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Report vote-buying if you witness any – NPP tells public ahead of January 27 polls

Report vote-buying if you witness any - NPP tells public ahead of January 27 polls

Deputy General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Haruna Mohammed has urged party delegates and the general public to report any instances of vote-buying in the upcoming polls.

According to him, the party does not endorse individuals becoming candidates based on the amount they can offer delegates.

Speaking on JoyFM’s Midday News on January 24, 2024, he said “The NPP is very open to every reportage. Anybody who sees any evidence of somebody buying votes that we can rely on to be able to prosecute the agenda of making sure we cleanse out the system of vote-buying can come forward and the NPP will look at it and refer it to the appropriate quarters for redress.”

He clarified that the NPP has never normalised vote-buying despite the widespread perception that being a Member of Parliament on the party ticket is expensive.

“This is what they are saying, but myself and you have not been able to verify whether they have actually spent GH₵5 million or GH₵500,000 or any other amount.

“I am an accounting person, if somebody tells you that they have spent money so and so to do this, you need to verify. Take them, cost centre per cost centre to be able to verify whether it is true or false. So it is entirely not true that when somebody says something it is authoritatively correct that is what is happening on the ground,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mr Mohammed said everything was in place for the January 27 elections.

He explained that the party has made provisions for adequate police personnel, electoral officers, and everything needed for the smooth running of the polls.

Source: Ghana News

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