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Sebrepor residents resist construction of fuel station-

Sebrepor residents resist construction of fuel station-

Residents of the Sebrepor in Kpone Katamanso Municipality of the Greater Accra region are resisting a move to construct of a fuel station in the community.

According to the residents, the location of the fuel station poses a risk to schools, houses, and businesses in the vicinity as it is situated a few metres away from the Base Ammunition Depot of Michel Camp.

The residents recalled a blast at the depot about four years ago, a situation they fear might be repeated in the event of an explosion at the fuel station if constructed.

At a press conference on January 24, the residents said in September 2023, they called the attention of relevant authorities to the potential dangers the station might pose, however, their cries have fallen on deaf ears.

An executive member of Sebrepor Zone 3 Landlords and Ladies Association, Charles Duben said “We are giving the authorities two weeks from today, if they don’t halt the project the residents association in this community is going to demonstrate against the government, the MCE, authorities, the Commanding Officer of Michel Camp, and the Commanding Officer of B.A.D because we have already written to them. 

“So we are giving them two weeks. After two weeks, if we see anybody at that construction site the residents are going to mobilise and go against them. We will never allow anybody to come to the site and work,” he said.

The assembly member for the area, Prince Jacob Adzofour said it has been very frustrating getting the Kpone Kantamaso Municipal Assembly to act on their concerns.

“At a point in time, the complaint came that there is a filling station going on here. We took time to confirm that. We sent this complaint to the assembly with a report.

“At our very last general meeting before the year ended, this issue came up and we said the committee is against the citing of this station, therefore what they want is the thing to be temporarily halted until there is enough proof that they took permission from the appropriate authorities,” he said.

Source: Ghana News

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