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Son of murdered Mujipe chief reveals names of assailants

The son of the murdered Chief of Mujipe, (Mujipewura), name withheld, has revealed names of persons believed to be the perpetrators of the gruesome murder of his late father.

JoyNews has been monitoring developments in Mujipe, Damongo and Kakpande, including security sources, and has gathered that the deceased’s son, was able to mention 10 names, two of whom are chiefs.

According to a source within the security set-up, the names provided would go a long way to unravel the mystery behind the murder.

“Yes, at first, when we picked the corpse of the chief, we didn’t see the son, but only to note that he was there, badly wounded. Also, we thought he was dead because he was very motionless.

“But hours later after the doctor administered treatment, he opened his eyes and could say something. We just hope he gains stamina and talks to us more to enable us do a thorough job.

“Nobody asked him anything, but he started with names and then said something which wasn’t clear to us. So, we then asked him what he wanted? Then he mentioned names that I cannot repeat to you or the general public for now. But we are sure it’s something credible which would help.”

Upon JoyNews‘ persistence to know the names of the alleged assailants, the investigator said, “But you know very well that I cannot share the names with the media now. Because it will mean jeopardising the entire investigation and the suspects will either escape or make the work more complicated for us.”

Meanwhile, information reaching JoyNews from the Jakpa Palace has indicated that Yagbonwura Bii-Tunuto Jewu Soale I, will on Friday, March 31 summon some sub-chiefs, including Kakpandewura and elders to Yagbon on issues involving security in Mujipe.

Source: Ghana News

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