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The making of Joe Biden: a case for prime and ripe politicians

On any day and occasion that the political history of the United States Presidency is written, I have no doubt that Joe Biden’s chapter would be voluminous, because his story is one which most prime and ripe politicians can relate to. 

Having personally studied his political career and journey to the United States’ Presidency, and realizing his success and crestfallen moments in the body politic of the United States, I have been deeply grounded in my belief in God’s time and patience. 

I am talking about a man who for close to 50 years in public office as Senator for Delaware State nurtured the ambition to become President of the United States of America at his prime age, but had to unlearn, relearn, observe and stay focused every step of the way.

His unsuccessful attempts in securing his party, the Democratic Party’s nomination in both 1987 and 2007, I think, were the worse moments in his political career. But the sudden and tragic demise of his beloved wife Neilia, his one-year-old daughter Naomi, and 46-year-old son Bureau were the worst moments ever in his social and political life.

Ebenezer Owusu, the writer

I am also of the firm conviction that his decision to be the running-mate of Barack Hussien Obama in the 2008 elections was his best political decision. Though Barack Obama was his contender in the 2007 Democratic Party’s nomination race, and also, there was racial and age difference between them that no one thought he would accept to play second gentleman to Obama, he defied the odds and partnered the then 47-year-young Obama in the 2008 elections. That decision I believe was borne out of his humility, maturity and patriotism, and I believe that Obama couldn’t have asked of a better Vice President than what Biden was to him from 2009 to 2017 in the White House. 

In 2019 when Biden once again threw his heart out in the race of securing the Democratic Party’s nomination to become their Presidential candidate for the 2020 election, I believe the Lord had prepared him enough for the task ahead, and that was his time to be unveiled. 

He won the party’s nomination by a whisker. His choice of a female running mate and an African-American woman for that matter was first in the history of the United States, and another best political decision. 

When he eventually hit on the campaign trail and defeated the Republican Party’s candidate and sitting President, Donald Trump in the 2020 elections at the ripe age of 78, it was a never seen before moment for him and also the dawn of a new era for the 46th President of the United States of America. 

What a journey. What a hardcore man. What else can I say than to conclude that, this is the doing of a good GOD in His time on a man with humility and patience, and it is marvellous to the eyes. I believe that GOD is not done with him yet. 

Source: Ghana News

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