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US Embassy celebrates premiere of ‘You Only Live Once’ (YOLO Season 6)

The U.S. government with the Ghana Health Service and the National Population Council marked the premiere of the sixth season of the popular hit TV show ‘You Only Live Once (YOLO)’ at the Silverbird Theater in Accra on Friday.  

U.S. Ambassador Virginia Palmer joined officials from the Ghana Government and stars of the show to premiere the first episode of Season 6, after a four-year hiatus.

“The United States Government and Ghana have been close partners for decades, working together to improve the health, education, governance, and economic opportunities for all Ghanaians, especially young people. 

“This is why we are so proud to support YOLO,” said Ambassador Palmer at Friday’s premiere held at Silverbird Cinemas at the Accra Mall. 

With support from the U.S. Government, the award-winning young adult “edutainment” program YOLO is returning to TV and online.

YOLO follows the lives of a group of young Ghanaians through life, exploring key health, gender, social, and cultural issues.  

US Embassy celebrates premiere of 'You Only Live Once' (YOLO Season 6)
U.S. Ambassador Virginia Palmer and some old and new YOLO cast members at the Season 6 premiere, January 20, 2023.

The latest season of the serial drama brings a storyline to Ghana’s Northern Region with beloved characters from previous seasons starting their National Service.  

Told through the lives of the series’ young characters, the show uses “edutainment” to confront and educate young people on key health issues including nutrition; malaria; maternal, newborn, and child health; water, sanitation and hygiene; COVID-19; and family planning/reproductive health.

“YOLO is more than just a TV show, it is a safe space where young Ghanaians can discuss, debate, and model positive behaviours that will protect their health and the health of their families,” concluded Ambassador Palmer.

The YOLO series has attracted an extensive and diverse audience, with more than 30 million views on YouTube and over two million viewers per week on television. 

The YOLO cast and crew have won numerous local and international awards, including:

  • A “Life Changing” award for positive influence on youth by the University of Cape Coast
  • 2016 Ghana Golden Movie Discovery of the Year Award
  •  2016 Nigeria City People Discovery of the Year Award
  • Seven out of eight awards at the 2016 Ghana Movie Awards; and
  • Seven out of eight awards at the 2019 Ghana Movie Awards.

YOLO Season 6 is sponsored by USAID, like Seasons 3, 4, and 5, as part of its social and behaviour change health programming, to further promote the Ghana Health Service GoodLife, Live it Well campaign. It is produced by Farmhouse Productions Limited.

It will be aired on some local TV stations, YouTube, Farmhouse Movies App, in schools and communities in Northern Regions and on other platforms.

Source: Ghana News

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