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US Embassy to support Zipline scale-up operations in Ghana

The US Ambassador to Ghana, Virginia Palmer, has commended technology firm, Zipline, for completing 370,000 deliveries of medical supplies that benefited over 25 million Ghanaians in just four years of its existence.

Zipline which now operates six distribution centers covering 14 out of the 16 regions of Ghana, first launched its operations as a medical drones service delivery firm in 2019.

The company has 27 drones at its Omenako Distribution Center alone and carries out an average of 95 deliveries in a day. Over the last four years, Zipline has supplied 2,700 health facilities in hard-to-reach communities with over 5 million units of life saving medical supplies such as vaccines and blood.

Speaking at the firm’s fourth year anniversary at Omenako in the Eastern Region on Thursday June 1 2023, Virginia Palmer, noted bilateral arrangements are in place between Zipline and the US towards a rapid development of the firm’s infrastructure to scale up access to quality health care for all.

US Embassy to support Zipline scale-up operations in Ghana

“None of us imagined the Covid vaccines and the Covid-19 pandemic when Zipline was being founded and the tremendous impact you made in getting those vaccines out to people so they can resume their lives is enormous.”

According to the ambassador, the US government is working with Zipline to increase access to medical supplies and commercial goods in West Africa.

“The US Trade and Development Agency signed agreement with Zipeline earlier this year to find a feasibility studies to develop the infrastructure for the rapid delivery via drones of medicines and commercial goods across Ghana and West Africa.”

Touching on Zipline’s impact, General Manager of Zipline Ghana, Mawuli Atiemo, however noted the company would continue to diversify its operations.

“To date, Zipline has completed an impressive 370,000 deliveries of medical products blood supplies, vaccines and animal health commodities to 2700 health facilities across the country”

Mr. Atiemo added, “in terms of diversification, we are currently exploring other avenues such as agriculture. So, we are currently working with veterinary services directorate on a pilot to explore the possibility of vaccination for poultry for example ruminants and other things.”

US Embassy to support Zipline scale-up operations in Ghana

Speaking at the event, Deputy Minister of Health, Asei Seini, said the partnership between Zipline and the Ministry of Health is a shining example, worth extending to other sectors.

He thus called for enhanced diversification of unmanned technologies into other sectors to enhance national productivity.

“We must as a nation begin to look at the capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles extending beyond healthcare and ways to solve problems in other industries.”

Source: Ghana News

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