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We take responsibility for food shortage in SHSs – Education Ministry PRO

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Education says his outfit takes full responsibility for the widespread reports of malnourishment of students and food shortage in some senior high schools in the country.

Admitting the challenges in an interview on the Super Morning Show on Monday, Kwasi Kwarteng said the Ministry is aware of the feeding crisis which has plagued some high schools.

According to him, the challenge is real; adding that he is aware of how some heads of second-cycled institutions struggle to provide decent meals to boarding students.

He, however, assured that the Ministry is working around the clock to address the challenge which has become a huge disincentive to effective teaching and learning.

“I appreciate the concerns that have been raised. I am not here to reject or deny them.

“My first comment is that no matter the situation, that is why we are there as leadership. And the beauty of leadership is to take responsibility no mater how the issues are and then make some inputs with regards to whatever concerns have been raised”, Kwasi Kwarteng said.

He continued, “The Dr Adwutwum-led administration ultimately takes responsibility for everything.

“The assurance we’re going to give parents is that, even though officially we’ve not had these complaints when it comes to the food shortages, where there are indeed, some level of challenges with regards to supplies, be it transportation issues, be it logistical issues, quickly when we get the name of the school, we’ll go in intervene and resolve it”.

Having assured guardians about government’s willingness to resolve the crisis, he however lamented the creation of false stories on food shortages in senior high schools.

He said while the challenges exist, they must not be falsely presented to court disaffection for the government.

Food shortage in senior high schools has been on the front burner following widespread reports about how some students find it difficult to come by three square meals a day.

As a result, some of these underfed students are compelled to call their guardians to bring them food from home, due to the scanty and poor quality food they receive in school.

This challenge has become predominant in recent times, forcing some parents to plead with government to allow them start feeding their wards in school.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education has dispelled rumours about the victimisation of heads of senior high schools who bring these issues to the fore.

Touching on the issue, Mr. Kwarteng said government is receptive to feedback on the feeding crisis and would not attack anybody who genuinely highlights the setbacks.

Source: Ghana News

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