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Zongo communities in Keta to have a facelift – MCE 

Zongo communities in the Keta municipality have secured some six out of ten acres requested from the Keta Municipal Assembly to help them undertake some planned development projects. 

The leadership of the communities who visited the site with the Municipal Chief Executive, Mr Emmanuel Gemegah, though would have loved the ten acres initially requested, were happy that finally they are able to start their intended projects.

Zongo communities in Keta to have a facelift - MCE 

The projects will help improve on the economic activities of the Zongo communities in the Keta municipality. 

Mr. Gemegah noted that it is necessary for the Zongo area to be well developed so that they can also   help contribute their quota to the development of the  municipality.

He noted that Zongo communities in every country has a way of contributing massively to the development of the societies or localities, hence the needed help and development to help them get their own share of development. 

“The Zongo communities have always helped in shaping and contributing their quota to the development of every district or municipality they settle in and so we need to also help them get the needed development to also help us,” Mr Gemegah said.

Zongo communities in Keta to have a facelift - MCE 

Mr Gemegah noted that the beneficiary members had their lands submerged by the sea due to the tidal waves  and were displaced some decades ago. 

The MCE noted that the additional four acres would be allocated to them in due course. 

The six acres would be used for health centre, school, housing units, markets and shops. 

Source: Ghana News

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