BIG scandal rocks Ghana FA as General Secretary Harrison Addo is caught authoring Disciplinary Committee ruling in Phar Rangers case

Ghana football is heading for turbulent times under the leadership of Kurt Okraku as General Secretary Prosper Harrison Addo has been caught authoring the verdict of the landmark case involving the football governing body and lower-tier side Phar Rangers.

The matter could leave the GFA hierarchy implicated as it further exposes personal interest of certain officials within the top brass of the football governing body has in the case.

Watch the full details of the revelation in the video below.

In a surprising style chairman of the committee Osei Kwadwo Adow Esq spelt his name differently in the same report. In the opening page of the document the chairman’s name was spelt correctly as Adow but in the last page of the document he spelt his name as Addo which is the surname of the General Secretary.

The PDF file DOCUMENT PROPERTIES revealed the landmark verdict was authored by General Secretary PRSOPER HARRISON ADDO instead of the secretary to the committee.

Meanwhile William Bossman, secretary to the committee, has been authoring various verdicts of the committee including two misconduct cases involving Accra Great Olympics and the Coach of Techiman Eleven Wonders.

FIFA laws require that the judicial bodies of the association must work independently devoid of any influence from within or without the GFA.

The 30th June, 2021 verdict slapped 5-year bans on Division One League club Phar Rangers, its shareholders and board of directors.

The verdict which bans shareholders of Phar Rangers is arbitrary to the rules of Ghana which does not banish any shareholder in the country from becoming a shareholder in another company if the previous company is liquidated.

Evidence revealed by the pdf file’s document properties has exposed Harrison Addo, who is not a member of the Disciplinary Committee, has the character behind the controversial ruling which has hogged the headlines in recent days in Ghanaian football.

The Disciplinary Committee is chaired by Osei Kwadwo Adow, Esq – renowned legal practitioner and lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Journalism with members including Mr. Emmanuel Nikoi, Mr. Nathaniel Laryea, Elsie Nana Acheampong and William Bossman being the secretary to the committee.

The verdict, which was released in a pdf file and published on the Ghana FA’s website –, has shown that it was Harrison Addo whose laptop was used to author the verdict of the case. This means William Bossman, the secretary to the committee, was not allowed to write the verdict.

Below is all the evidence involved in the revelation.

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