NCC approves China Circle appointments, calls for expedite process for “Constitutional” elections

The Asante Kotoko national supporters body, the National Circles Council (NCC) has approved the appointment of new Executives of the China Circle 0086, following the expiration of the tenure of the previously elected Executives.

In July 2020, aggrieved members of the Shangai Circle 0086 called on the National Circles Council leadership to intervene and dissolve the leadership of the Shangai Circle with immediate effect, citing inactivity, irresponsibility, and lack of concern for matters pertaining to the supreme interest of the club on the side of the Executives.

It was further alleged, that since its formation in February 2019, the 93 members of the Circles had only 20 people issued with their membership cards, the remaining 73 members who were still waiting for their cards as of July 2020 having paid for them long ago and the leaders posed unconcerned.

In August 2020, the NCC responded quickly to the fallout in the Circles 0086 and the concerns raised by the members for an amicable solution.

In an interview with in August 2020, the First Vice Chairman of the National Circles Council, Nana Kwame Dankwah stated:

“When I heard it, I engaged the leadership and addressed the concerns with them. We are still on it, it’s not really a major problem, the bottom line is that we want a solution to the problem. I can say we are taking steps to resolve the issues. We have had the first meeting yesterday (Sunday, August 2, 2020) and it was very fruitful I drew their attention to what the Constitution (of the NCC) says and copies will be sent to them to study,” he said.

Kotoko NCC China
Kotoko NCC China

At the said meeting, the leadership of the Shanghai Circle was advised to have new Executives elected on Constitutional provision, as the previous elections held were not done constitutionally.

In response, the leadership of the Circles 0086 has unanimously resolved to retain the incumbent Chairman, Richard Oduro Koranteng, who has in turn appointed six other Executives to form an interim 7-Member Executive members of the Circles. In a letter dated April 22, 2022, the China Circle 0086 wrote to the NCC to inform it of the new appointments, and the NCC has approved it.

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Upon receipt of the above letter, the NCC has since responded with a congratulatory message and has charged the interim appointed Executives to ensure that an election is conducted Constitutionally at an appropriate time.

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